I’m off to Phuket today! 🏝

Hello to you travelers, just landed yesterday in Dubai from Mauritius where I spent an awesome day, it was literally a paradise, if you haven't seen the video go and check it out on my previous post or in my YouTube channel. Today I just left home and the destination today is another very nice … Continue reading I’m off to Phuket today! 🏝


Just arrived in Melbourne

Hello to you travelers, finally I am back in Melbourne to spend a nice day. Last time I was here I have a really nice experience apart that I found a dead man floating in the river, but apart of that Melbourne is an amazing city. It's late here 4:21 to be precise and it's … Continue reading Just arrived in Melbourne

Departing to Cebu, Philipines

Hello to you travelers, has been some time I don't post but now I am travelling to Philipines and I will not stop myself from sharing my experience. First I will go to Cebu and then to the city of Clark. Stay tuned cause lots of amazing landscapes and adrenaline are to come.

Travel With Me | Albufeira Guide

Hello to you Travellers, this city of Albufeira was for me something I already expected cause I used to live next to it. Its an AMAZING CITY with lots of culture as well the rest of the Algarve, but this particular has a magic touch that I haven't seen in other ones. The city of … Continue reading Travel With Me | Albufeira Guide