Just arrived in Clark! 😁

Hello to you travelers, finally I arrived in clark. Going now to have dinner and some drinks in an area called "Walking Street", I will keep you all updated with what's going on through the night! As long as I have wifi I am posting... πŸ‘‡ Hotel in staying in Clark πŸ‘‡


Madrid was as I expected :)

Hello to you travelers, just got to the hotel now, my trip here in. Madrid is a city with lots of things to see but my personal opinion it's not a city that I wish I would come back, if I'll do I'll have a good time here but I will not make plans on … Continue reading Madrid was as I expected πŸ™‚

Good morning Madrid!

Good morning guys, the trip in Madrid already started. We went to Real Madrid Stadium, Plaza de EspaΓ±a and Plaza Mayor. Going now to La Latina which was where I went yesterday night and let's keep exploring... I have to confess to you guys before this flight to Madrid I went to he gym to … Continue reading Good morning Madrid!