Cities Of The World IV

Hello to you travelers, a new video intro for the channel. The other one had already two years and was getting a bit old. I hope you like this one and don't forget to share this video so we keep bringing more people to travel with us!


The Best of Phi Phi Island

Hello to you travelers, finally I went back to paradise! I was staying in a resort in Phuket as last time and this time I managed to go to the Phi Phi islands. Believe me when I say its a paradise because it really is! So after arriving in the resort and quickly got my … Continue reading The Best of Phi Phi Island

The Old Side of Dubai

Hello to you travelers, today I realized I should be starting a new series of videos, a series of videos only in Dubai. Just taking my days off going around Dubai and showing you guys around. Today we went to the old part of Dubai, the old souk and the gold souk. The gold souk … Continue reading The Old Side of Dubai

The Dream City of Shopping

Hello to you travelers, Milan is a really nice city specially for high end clothes shopping, its a dream for any shopper. I could say that the best brands would be all gathered in one place so you can shop a lot without having to move much. Apart from shopping the city itself have a … Continue reading The Dream City of Shopping

Hyde Park – London

Hello to you travelers, this was a great day to walk around this Hyde Park here in the city of London. I was supposed to film some other places here in London but the rain did not let me continue filming, so here it is the Hyde Park.

Happy New Year to You Travellers ✈️

This year was a year of a lot of travels, we visited a lot of places and I uploaded around 30 videos on my YouTube channel. This year 2017 let's try and beat that record! I am now these past few months using more the WordPress so I can tell my stories before I upload … Continue reading Happy New Year to You Travellers ✈️

It’s colder here than Düsseldorf ⛄️

Hello to you travelers, it has been a nice day walking around London, the weather is cold but it's still sunny. I still have a couple places to go and we will give this trip for done, next stop is London Bridge, then we will go to Oxford Street and we are done here in … Continue reading It’s colder here than Düsseldorf ⛄️