The Old Side of Dubai

Hello to you travelers, today I realized I should be starting a new series of videos, a series of videos only in Dubai. Just taking my days off going around Dubai and showing you guys around. Today we went to the old part of Dubai, the old souk and the gold souk. The gold souk … Continue reading The Old Side of Dubai


A Breath Of Fresh Air

This amazing city has a lot to offer for anyone that stumbles in here. From the amazing green parks where you can have very good relaxing moments to the city center where you can explore a true Irish culture. I do recommend anyone to come to Dublin and experience this beautiful city.

The Dream City of Shopping

Hello to you travelers, Milan is a really nice city specially for high end clothes shopping, its a dream for any shopper. I could say that the best brands would be all gathered in one place so you can shop a lot without having to move much. Apart from shopping the city itself have a … Continue reading The Dream City of Shopping

My life as a Traveler! How does it feel?

Hello to you travelers, it look like it was yesterday the first time I went to travel outside of my country. I was 7/8 years old, I can't really remember how old I was but it got me that feeling of traveling very soon in my life. I was traveling to Paris and that excitement … Continue reading My life as a Traveler! How does it feel?

Most Beautiful City in Germany!

Hello to you travelers, time for another German city and this one is one of the most beautiful, the city center of Munich is such a nice place to walk around and have some great food that is easy to fall in love for this city. I had a great time in here and cant … Continue reading Most Beautiful City in Germany!