Travel With Me | Madrid Guide

Hello to you Travellers, finally the Madrid video is out! You know being back home after long time we always have to catch up with family and friends and now I had some time I finally finished the video and published it. Madrid and its was really great! It was a city that didn't surprise … Continue reading Travel With Me | Madrid Guide

Madrid was as I expected :)

Hello to you travelers, just got to the hotel now, my trip here in. Madrid is a city with lots of things to see but my personal opinion it's not a city that I wish I would come back, if I'll do I'll have a good time here but I will not make plans on … Continue reading Madrid was as I expected 🙂

Good morning Madrid!

Good morning guys, the trip in Madrid already started. We went to Real Madrid Stadium, Plaza de España and Plaza Mayor. Going now to La Latina which was where I went yesterday night and let's keep exploring... I have to confess to you guys before this flight to Madrid I went to he gym to … Continue reading Good morning Madrid!