Most Beautiful City in Germany!

Hello to you travelers, time for another German city and this one is one of the most beautiful, the city center of Munich is such a nice place to walk around and have some great food that is easy to fall in love for this city. I had a great time in here and cant … Continue reading Most Beautiful City in Germany!


I was not expecting seeing so many nice things in this city!

Hello to you travelers, this time we went to Frankfurt again and guess what? We found more amazing and beautiful places to see. It was very cold but I got myself warm clothes and I went out in the city, from far away gardens to the city center.

Surprising Frankfurt ⛄️

Hello to you travelers, today we were in Frankfurt and it was as cold as my last trip to Amsterdam! So the same thing happened as Amsterdam, I landed around lunch time and by the time that I got out of the hotel and went to the city for sightseeing it was already 15:00 here … Continue reading Surprising Frankfurt ⛄️

Freeeeeezing here in Düsseldorf 😁

Hello to you travelers, I got out of the hotel, got a 15 minutes train to the city centre, then I got metro to the old town and started walking... Guys this is very cold in here, but... I manage to walk around and collect some nice videos to edit for you guys when I … Continue reading Freeeeeezing here in Düsseldorf 😁

Just arrived in Düsseldorf, Germany! 😁

Hello to you travelers, I'm in bed already here in the hotel in Düsseldorf, and I'm going now early to bed cause tomorrow I'm gonna wake up early to take a nice breakfast and take you guys with me around the city. I have been here before a couple months ago, but I don't remember … Continue reading Just arrived in Düsseldorf, Germany! 😁