Hello to you travelers, today I realized I should be starting a new series of videos, a series of videos only in Dubai. Just taking my days off going around Dubai and showing you guys around.

Today we went to the old part of Dubai, the old souk and the gold souk. The gold souk is one of Dubai’s most visited souks offering hundreds of retailers selling jewelry made of gold, silver and diamonds and other precious metals and stones. This is a place that should be on every tourist’s itinerary, this place is located in Deira, near the Al Ras Metro Station, and its open 7 days a week.

Crossing the Creek river we go from the Gold Souk to the Old Souk which is also know as the Textile Souk or Bur Dubai Souk, it is a traditional souk with a lot of small stores selling a variety of products but mostly fabrics, clothes, footwear and souvenirs. To get to this souk you can come by metro and stop at either Al Fahidi Metro station or Al Ghubaiba Metro Station.


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