Hello to you travelers, it look like it was yesterday the first time I went to travel outside of my country. I was 7/8 years old, I can’t really remember how old I was but it got me that feeling of traveling very soon in my life. I was traveling to Paris and that excitement and anxiety of doing something new that makes us keep thinking about it and not able to sleep was there until it was the day, the day to start that trip. Got to the airport, and I was amazed how the heck does a huge tube of metal is able to go that fast and fly, but as a child you only think about the simple things, that’s it takes you there and that’s it. So there was me with my family waiting to board the airplane and happy for my first travel. Finally I boarded the airplane and we started taking off, I loved the take off, that feeling off acceleration made me smile! The oposite thing was my mom feeling as she hates those kind of stuff… But there was me enjoying the take off, the air drops and finally in the end of the flight the landing. As we got to Paris we went to the Hotel, checked it and there was me and my family, a week in Paris sightseeing enjoying the happy feeling of being somewhere new and discovering.

I still today love the take off’s, turbulence and landings but today is a different story. Let put you in the loop so you can know what is going on. For the past three years I have been traveling two to three times a week to different places, I have been to all the continents and got to know a bit of a lot of cultures. If I remember very well I have never been in a hotel less than four stars so when people ask me how is it to be always in five stars hotels I always answer, “well, it’s normal”, because I never experienced anything else than that. For every day that I work I have two days that I am off that is more or less my working/rest ratio. So usually my week of working starts like: going somewhere in the world staying there one day, enjoying, come back to Dubai  and already two days have passed, stay in Dubai for two days going to the beach, pool, party, gather with friends and head to another flight somewhere else in the world, enjoy there and then come back once again,  another one or two days off in Dubai and a week has passed already.

Now that you know what it my daily basis you can imagine my life as a traveler, see the world, living in a city where you can do “anything”, working a few hours once in a while, go anywhere in the world whenever I want paying only 10% of a ticket, lots of partying, amazing afternoons spend and the beach and resorts for free, discounted drinks almost everywhere I go… Some people call this a dream life, and, it sure is for most of the people but when you have and call this your normal living is a different story.

As weird as it might seem you can get sick of this life or even bored at some point and this usually happens in any kind of job if you don’t have a passion for it and you just do it because it’s easy or convenient. Traveling is no different! Remember when I was a kid and went for the first time to Paris, all that excitement and anxiety before going, being there and discovering with a lot of energy. When travel three times a week for three years or more, 70+ cities and 40+ countries, it get to a point that, that excitement doesn’t exist anymore for most of the people, it’s like just another city and apart of being different of everything else that you have seen before it feels like you had to see it just to “tick the box” and say “oh, I have been there”. This happens a lot and I see a lot of people with this dream of traveling the world like I do but then I also see them getting demotivated and one year after resigning because they can’t handle the schedule, jet lag, working hours, being away from family, knowing people but having your “real” friends back home… 

Traveling like this it’s not easy, it’s not the same as traveling once or twice a year where you can still get that excitement. When you travel this much you need to have the passion for it! The passion to know people and their culture, the passion to learn new crafts and to experience new things, because if you don’t have the passion for it as in any other job you will get tired very easily, bored quickly and wishing to go back to your routined life where you think you should never have left. 

And answering the question in the title: 

How does it feel to be a traveler?

Well, for me it feels amazing! After three years I  can still go on a 14 hours flight working, land, go to the hotel unpack my bags, get a quick shower to go straight to the city center and walk for four or five hours doing some sightseeing to see what that city has to show me. And if I can still do this it means that my passion is still here, I love what I do and I love to travel so I can say that now I am in the right place.

Now I ask you! How does it feel when you travel? Do you travel a lot? Where would you like to go?

Oh and if you want to see all my travels just give it a check at my YouTube Travel Channel at: www.youtube.com/citiesoftheworld


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