Hello to you travelers, has been some time that I don’t write, but now I’m back to writing again. I am currently in Milan and I already been to this city once long time ago, so this time I thought I should give it another shot and go walk around this city for a while.

I arrived around lunch time to the hotel and as the hotel that I am staying is in the airport it takes me around half an hour to forty minutes to get to the city center, so you can now imagine what time I arrived in the city center… To be precise it was four in the afternoon and the sun was already coming down pretty fast so I put my legs to work and started my tour around this city.

Fist I planned to go to a lot of places but as I arrived late I only manage to get some of the major interest points. And by the way, Milan is a very beautiful city! It’s gonna take you some days for you to see the whole city. Here below you have some nice pictures I took with my phone.

Before coming to Milan I was in Munich but I had no time to post anything about it, I recorded some nice videos and I will make a video about it. Below you have some pictures about Munich.


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