Hello to you travelers, yesterday as soon as I arrived here I got myself dressed and ready to go explore some more of this city, the weather was a bit cloudy as always but still I had to go, no way I was going to stay in a hotel room for 24 hours! That’s just not me!

Got my self in the train to te city center that took around 40 minutes. I know that there is a fast train that takes only 10 minutes, I used that one once but I don’t remember where, I think it departs from the airport and goes to Paddington Station. This time I used only the Underground.

First place I went to see was the Hyde Park, it is a huge park! You can stay hours in there walking and you will not pass through the same place once. It is a really nice are to play games, run, picnic and many other things as it is a very calm and quiet place. There is a lot of animal including squirrels that I love.

The bad thing is when I finished seeing the Hyde park it started raining and I could not see anything else, so I head back to the hotel and this was my very very short trip to London. There will be more londons to come so next time I will go for other things. I’ll leave you some pictures below of the Hyde Park.


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