Hello to you travelers, day 5 and last day of our trip, today I was super tired and I felt it when I was snowboarding, but still I had fun.

Morning time I went to do some slopes but I didn’t feel very safe and secure, at the time I didn’t know why I thought it was because I was tired, but when I finished my second slope I went to check my board and tyerebitbwasbthe problem, my front binding was loose, every time I turned the board wouldn’t respond straight away, so I got a screwdriver and fixed it.

I continued snowboarding until around 14:00 and then my friend invited me to come to his place cause his wife was cooking, so I did and the food was delicious.

Went the rest of the afternoon to snowboard a bit more and I finished my trip like that. Now arrives in Barcelona airport already, waiting for my flight to Lisbon. This trip was one of a kind, I had a lot of fun, had great food and in the end of the day it was all worth spending my time here. Next year there will be more! I hope you guys have enjoyed, I still have 1 more videos to upload about this trip so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can stay updated. See you in my next trip.


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