Hello to you travelers, today was a great day we did a lot of snowboarding and I am getting pretty good at it. Today we were supposed to go for some freeride outside the resort but we didn’t, the risk of avalanche was from 0 to 5, was 3 so it was pretty dangerous. Guys whatever you do safety always comes first, prevent things before they happen, so instead of going for freeride outside of the resort, I went for freeride inside the resort but before I start let just tell you something about yesterday.

Yesterday I got home and I went for dinner with my friend, after dinner we went to a place called Palau de gel wich is a huge place where they have indoor swimming pool, ice skating and ice karting, so we went to ride those carts! It was a lot of fun but it was only for 10 minutes, once you start getting used to the track the 10 minutes are gone but still it was very nice to drive them.

Ok so today we started snowboarding in E Tarter and we snowboarded straight to Grau Roig which is one of the places that has a snow park and you can go freeride, so I started in the snow park, I went through it twice I did some jumps and on the last jump before I leave the snow park I felt down and I hurt my right thumb, it was sore for a while but then I was ok.

After the snow park I did all day freeride in the resort went jumping and between the trees, literally I went off track. And most of those places there is nobody so we have to be extra careful not to hurt ourselves. I will publish tonight yesterday’s video and you can see some freeriding being done there. But today it was all day. I will put some more pictures below, and tomorrow is my last day snowboarding so I’ll see you tomorrow in the slopes.


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