Hello to you travelers, today was our third day in here but it was the second day snowboarding. As you remember yesterday I went for snowboarding but it was kind of a warm up, cause today me and my friend we went together snowboarding and it was amazing! Let me tell you all about it!

I woke up and got quickly dressed cause my friend was picking me up with his truck. He picked me up and we went for a nice breakfast in his friend’s restaurant. We got some bocadillo, which was a big sandwich with tomato and beef. It was delicious.

After that we got the lift up the mountain and we started snowboarding, we did some black slopes and some freeride inside the resort. It was an amazing feeling, and just to tell you in advance that tomorrow is gonna be better than today. Check out the video of day 1 it is already published, I will now make the one about day 2 and tomorrow I will make it about today and so on…

So we did some freeride in the resort and than we started snowboarding up to Pas De La Casa, as we got there we had a good coffee and hot chocolate and we got back to the slopes.

Got back to the slopes we snowboarded for another hour or two in Pas De La Casa and it was already time to have some lunch. For lunch we went to a restaurant in Pas De La Casa and we had a really nice Portuguese food called feijoada, it is very tasty it has vegetables, meat, beans, rice and many other things. It is a very heavy dish, it takes long time to digest but it tastes amazing! After lunch we got back to the slopes and rided a bit more until the resort was almost closed. We sat down had some beers and enjoyed the sunset. I hope you guys are enjoying this trip because this is being the best snow trip ever for me. I’ll leave you some more pictures below and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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