Hello to you travelers, welcome to our day 2 of his snow trip and today was our first day snowboarding. I woke up early, got my breakfast done and as soon as I finished my breakfast was time to get properly dressed, it is freezing outside. Got my gear ready, the GoPro, extra batteries, power bank and some other small accessories with me. Lest the apartment and it was time to get our Forfait, our ticket to use the lifts to the slopes, I bought it for 4 days which is the time I am spending here snowboarding and it came to me as 174€(without insurance).

I am staying in a place called El Tarter, in ascending order from bottom to mountain top you have, Encamp(1300mt), Canillo(1500mt), El Tarter(1710mt), Soldeu(1800mt), Grau Roig(2120mt) and Pas de la Casa(2100mt). Don’t ask me why I like to stay here, I don’t know, I just like this place and on weekend there is always big parties in here and the World Cup is here as well. Most of the people like to do go more to Pas de la Casa cause it has more restaurants, disco clubs and coffee shops. Below is the map so you can see what I am talking about.

Ok, so continuing I got my Forfait and I took the lift up the mountain, usually this first lift is always full of people because there is only one lift per city, after we get to the mountain everybody spreads around and it’s very quick to go anywhere. So I got the lift, made it to the mountain and let me show you how it looks.

On the picture above you can see the mountain in front, this is just a tiny bit of it, the whole resort is huge! So after passing by all there people I got another lift to the top of the mountain so I can start snowboarding.

As we got up the mountain you usually have to look at the map as see where you want to go, so I wanted to go meet my friend in the other city, in Canillo so I made myself up to a slope that was going to Canillo, guess what there was 2 slopes only a blue one and a black one. Slopes difficulty is defined by color, blue for beginners, red for medium to advanced, and black is for pro. Once you see a black slope you don’t need to look at the map to know it’s black, it’s usually very steep and very difficult, you will see a very few people on them because it’s a bit scary. So from the blue and the back I went straight to the black and got myself down in less that 3 minutes. I did a couple slopes along the way and by the time I got there it was already lunch time.

So I meet my friend and we went for some nice lunch, we went to a traditional place and guess what, I knew some of the people that were working there, it’s was so much fun. The food was delicious! Take a look!

After getting myself completely full, I went back to my friends shop where I bought some new equipment, I’ll be sharing that with you tomorrow. 

Time to go back to the mountain! So I spent the rest of the afternoon snowboarding from Canillo until El Tarter and then I stayed in El Tarter practicing on the snow park, jumping and using the boxes for sliding. It’s was a great day as a warm up, now tomorrow my friend is picking me up and we are going to have some nice breakfast somewhere I still don’t know where and then we gonna do some slopes toguether and some freeride inside the resort. So I’ll keep you guys updated tomorrow. 


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