Hello to you travelers, so nowadays as you know I am living in Dubai and I travel the world. Traveling itself for most of the people it’s a vacation where they relax go for sightseeing for a week and they have time to enjoy, me… Not like that! I work on airplanes around the world and that gives me 24 or 48 hours in each city that I go, so imagine yo make those videos that you see that looks like I have been in a city for days it usually takes me 3 to 6 hours of sightseeing. Always in a rush to see thing…

But once a year I manage to do something I really love, not that I don’t like traveling, indeed, I love my job and I love to travel and stay those 24 to 48 hours in all the cities that I go, but now it’s time to do what I love most which is snow trips! This year I am going to Andorra in the Pyrenees for snowboarding. I have to confess to you guys, I love that feeling of freedom when you are at the top of a mountain and you only have a white powdery trail down with nothing to stop you from doing whatever you want and go wherever you want. It something I can’t explain very well, if there some snowboarders and skiers out there I know you understand me…

Left the apartment here in Lisbon and I’m not in the airport, got my snowboard and luggage checked, got cleared from security and now I am enjoying one of the best things in Portugal, orange juice and a sandwich with cheese from the mountain and ham. If you guys ever come to Portugal and you manage to go to the mountains in Serra da Estrela you have to try this sanwish just as for: sandwich of “queijo da Serra e presunto” believe, you will love it, and this place is where they do it the best way. Try it 😁

My flight depart at 8:45 from Lisbon and I’ll land in Barcelona at 11:45 it’s a 2 hour flight. The I’ll have to get a bus from Barcelona to the mountains in Andorra leaves the airport at 14:00 and arrives in my hotel in Andorra at 17:55 making it around a 4 hour bus ride. After that it’s jut me and the mountains! I will update you guys once I arrive there, Ian meeting a friend from there and we will probably make some plans and maybe hike a mountain which would be very interesting. I will tell you guys all about it, I will do my thing all day long and when I get back home at night I’ll be posting here about that day, so I will be the next 4 to 5 day posting every night.

Get yourself my Instagram cause during the day I will be posting pictures there. See you there guys


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