Hello to you travelers, just got back from the city center and today once again it was freezing! Temperature got to zero degrees…

Has been a long time I was trying to come to Washington but it just didn’t happened, today our wish came true and apart of the cold I had fun. Washington is a really nice city for sightseeing I had only one day and I manage to see a lot of things, of course I didn’t saw them properly but I manage to get a glimpse of the places I went.

To start right away I went to see the White House, and guess what if you haven’t seen it in real life you probably think the same I was thinking before I saw it. The White House is a very small building comparing to the surroundings. When we watch movies the White House looks like a huge building but in reality it’s very small.

After the White House we head to the Capitol we took some nice pictures and we kept going on our way to the Botanic Garden. I guess I have something that’s pulls me to “green stuff”, I mean parks, forests, gardens, things like that, I just fell good in there. This botanical Garden was really beautiful, it was located just next to the Capitol so when you come to take some pictures in this area you can also give a check to the Botanical Garden, oh by the way it’s free of any charge.

Going on our way to the Lincoln memorial we passed through the Air and Space museum. This place reminded me of the Kennedy Space Center that we saw in Orlando a couple weeks ago. It is a place that for you to see everything you would have to spend around 2 to 3 hours, and the entrance to the main building is free of charge as well.

Next stop was the Lincoln memorial and on our way there we manage to see National Mall, Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument and the memorials of Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Rosevelt and the Korean War Veterans. When we were about to reach the Lincoln memorial just before there was the World War II memorial. Finally we got to the Lincoln memorial, the view from there is amazing, you can see the Washington Monument and the Capitol just in a straight line. We took some pictures and the trip was done. I hope you guys like my writing, this is the fastes way I have to tell you all about my trip so you don’t have to wait long time for the videos not knowing what happened.

The video about my visit to Uganda is gonna come as soon as I arrive in Dubai that video is going to be a bit scary at some part, specially when I am inside the torture chambers… 


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