Hello to you travelers, this was time to visit Kampala in Uganda. I know I know I still have the video of Frankfurt to publish. I just didn’t have any time to do it, so much travels right now, as soon as I get to Dubai I will upload it.

This trip that I did was amazing, I saw something that I never expected and for me it was hard to believe. You know I’m not very good with history even tho this happened very recently. I went to visit Idi Amin torture chambers, and that was the highest of my trip so let me tell you all about it.

First things first, I landed in Entebbe and from the airport to the Hotel was one hour and an half bus ride, I got to the hotel around 16:30 and at 17:00 I was ready to go out and explore. I only had until sunset so I had to be quick.

Me and a friend of mine got a driver to take us around the city and the first thing we went to see was the king’s palace, it was a normal palace as it didn’t look very fancy. The view we had from there was good also.

After the palace you can see on the picture below that we were going downhill to see the torture chambers that were just next to the palace.

Now the thing is when I got to the chambers I was so surprised with what I was seeing that I forgot to take pictures with my phone, but don’t worry I recorded everything on video. Those chambers were the place where Idi Amin used to send this who “misbehave” in the city. The chambers were a large corridor with water on the bottom where a cable of electricity as Passing through and would give them shocks as torture, inside there was about five cells where they used to keep the people, I went inside those cells and if you start imagining what was happening at that time it would be very scary, there was marks of hands of the wall, things written with the prisoners hands, it was just scary to know this happened less that 50 years ago…

After that we went to a Catholic Church, such a big contrast, after seeing torture chamber we go to a church. It was a really nice church with a lot os people praying inside.

After the Catholic Church we went to a Protestant Curch, the view was amazing and the sunset was beautiful. We manage to take some pictures with the kids there and it was very fun.

Straight after the Protestant Church we went to a Mosque(Muslim church), it was already closing time but we still manage to get inside. We went to the top of the tower and to get there, to the top there was 304 steps to climb, and there was no other way to get to the top. By believe me guys, once you get to the top the view is breathtaking, you can see the whole city 360 degrees.

I hope you liked the pictures and if plan to come to this place don’t forget the torture chambers and the mosque are must in your trip. I manage to do all of this in about 3 hours, it’s crazy I know but  that was the time I had so I had to make the most of it. I’ll will be uploading the video of my last trip in Frankfurt and after that this one. Next flight will be Washington, so I guess I’ll see you there…


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