Hello to you travelers, today we were in Frankfurt and it was as cold as my last trip to Amsterdam!

So the same thing happened as Amsterdam, I landed around lunch time and by the time that I got out of the hotel and went to the city for sightseeing it was already 15:00 here in Frankfurt, I checked what time was the sunset and it was saying around 17:30 so I knew again I didn’t have much time to record videos. So for the next three hours me, Pedro, was walking in a very fast pace so I manage to see enought that it was worth to make a video out of. But you know what, I don’t know how but I always manage to do it…

I got out of the hotel and first thing I went to see was the Pamelgarten, it is a huge green are with lakes and all kind of flowers. To get in you have to pay 7€ and during summer it is very worth it, but now it is winter here and the experience with this park wasn’t bad at all, they have some glass houses where they keep the temperature regular so they can keep all kinds of flowers, trees and bushes all year round, those glass houses you will find beautiful flower with very bright colors.

Summer time or spring I believe you would find them as well outside of the houses, and trust me the park is huge and it’s worth visiting.

After this park we were going to the city center but before reaching the we passed through te Alte Oper Frankfurt which I believe being a opera house or a place where they have live music and orchestras, where music show happen. It’s a very nice area and straight after that you start seeing a lot of shops and that’s when you enter the city center.

A lot of people are in this area called Hauptwache, it’s a plaza and the most famous place in the city, people dancing, singing and shopping is something you can do here because shop are in every corner, restaurants are very common in here and I guess a bit more expensive as you are in the city center.

Right next to the city center is a very touristic place which is the St. Paul’s Church. We went there and got inside, it is free of charge but believe me there is not much to see inside but the area around the church is beautiful.

This area very close to the church called Romerberg its in from of the Romer building and its the place where they have the very beautiful and tradicional houses, it’s an area with a statue in the middle and restaurants around. This area I believe twelfth century was very commonly used for markets, fairs, tournaments and festivals.

Eiserner Steg was the name of the bridge we cross to go to the other side of the river, this bridge always have a lot of tourist and it’s is beautiful to take nice pictures. As we got to the other side we went to a church called Dreikonigskirche that I when I got next to I thought it was closed, and maybe that is why there was nobody inside, only if you look very close you can see a sight saying to open the door slowly and not to make noise. Do that’s what I did I got inside and surprisingly it looked like a real church, I mean, not a tourist place, a place where locals go every Sunday to pray. It was free of charge and they still offer tea and coffee wich I found very nice of them.

As we got out of this church it was time to go back to the hotel, I was thankful for the day I had and later on in the night me and my friend we still manage to go out for dinner. It was a great day and more will come. As always the video will come as soon as I land back in Dubai.


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