Hello to you travelers, this time we was in Amsterdam. A beautiful and amazing city to visit. There is so much to do there that one day is not enough to check the whole city out, and that’s what happened to us this day. The sun came down and we didn’t have any time to see the rest that was on the list. So I guess that will have to stay for the PART 2 of this city.

6 thoughts on “Discovering the Best of Amsterdam

  1. OH! Love your Amsterdam photos! I am Chy from Her Lost Mango ! Nice to meet you! OMG! Wow! So lucky! Lovely photos! For some reasons, I really like their fries in Amsterdam! haha. I just posted another Europe trip of mine! Would really love to connect with you! Just followed you too! XOXO herlostmango.com

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      1. Aw! Thank you so much! Where are you in the world today? I am flying to Europe again next week! But my switzerland trip is also up now in the blog with a lot of photos that you might like! Hope to hear from you! And awaiting your next post! XOXO Chy – herlostmango.com


      2. I just arrived in Munich gonna go out now to take some videos. It’s freezing outside tho. I will write on the blog when I get back to the hotel. Oh and I had no time until now do do anything related to travels I have been busy, but getting back to posting soon…


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