Hello to you travelers, two days ago I was in Amsterdam. I was supposed to write when I reached there but the problem was that I arrived there around one o’clock in the afternoon and the sun comes down around five, so I didn’t have much time. I grab my camera and two more friend and we went out straight away for some sightseeing.

Before I start telling you guy what happened in Amsterdam I have to thank to a friend of mine called Rita Santos and her mom Ana Cristina for providing me with some help, they have been there before and they had a document with all the nice places to see and how to get there, and believe me there was a lot of places. I was just unlucky cause I didn’t have time to see them all as the sun came down very quickly.

So I got out of the hotel, got a train to the Amsterdam Central and that was were I started the tour, we walked to our first place which was the Tulip Museum. I have never seen so many tulips in the same place, its called a museum but its kind of a shop with loads and I really mean when I say LOADS of tulips. The lady that works there is very nice and helps you if are in doubt on what to choose, and after you choose she explains you how to plant the flower and how to treat it with care. The flowers come with a instruction manual as well.

Next place we went to was Leidseplein, it is a place with a lot of restaurants and bars, and on our way to the Voldelpark which is very close from the Leidseplein we found the HardRock Cafe, lots of people in this area. We go to the Voldelpark and we were surprised as we didn’t expect for the water on the lakes to be frozen, but cmon, it was below zero in temperature that day. This Voldelpark is a huge place where you see a lot of people doing sports or relaxing, you see a lot of families and children, summer in this park would be very nice, winter its too cold.

Our next place was a very famous one, its called Museumplein, and its where you can find the I AMSTERDAM sign where there is always a lot of people taking pictures. This place you can find three museums, Stedelijk, Van Gogh and Rijks museums. This day when I went there was a ice skating place and where people were doing games in the ice, it was full of poeple even tho it was freezing. Talking about freezing, we were very cold as well so we went on a quest to find a nice coffee shop so we can raise up our temperature levels, as we were walking we stopped at a Starbucks we found and we had some coffee and hot chocolate.

After we had our batteries charged we went to a place called Magere Brug which is the name of thee bridge that was there, it is a bridge full of light that opens and closes every twenty minutes and its a very nice thing to watch. After the bridge we went for a nice dinner around that area, all the three of us had a very nice Sirloin steak.

Last but not least we had to go the Red Light Distric which is probably the most visited place in the whole Amsterdam, there is no point of visiting Amsterdam and not passing through there. Its a very different place and you will not find the same anywhere else. One thing is true, it is not allowed to take pictures or video of any kind due to the kind of place it is. And we concluded like this one more trip, we went back to the Amsterdam Central Station and got the train back to the hotel. 


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