Hello to you travelers, so as you know I am in Orlando and if you didn’t see my previous post about yesterday’s trip to the Kennedy Space Center go there a check it. 

So this morning I woke up very excited cause has been a very long time I didn’t get adrenaline in my body and I knew I was about to get some, I mean a lot… So I got myself dressed and went for breakfast, stuffed myself up and got a shuttle to the Universal Studios.

When I arrived in Universal Studios right away I deparated to how tall the rollercoaster were and I got very excited. The thing is when I got to the park it was still 08:30 and the park only opens at 09:00, so imagine, me looking like a little kid waiting for the park to open like it’s the first time I’m going for a school trip 😜.

So finally at 09:00 they open the park and welcomed everybody in(I even saw people running already lol). So I got to my first ride which was a simulator, it was the “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem”, and I have to tell you guys that the quality of the rides here is just amazing! Really all the rides are very good. So after this first ride I went to my first rollercoaster which was the “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit” and I got out of there with my legs shaking but feeling very good.

There are three different places in this theme park, “Universal Studios” which was where we started, then “Universal’s Islands of Adventure” which is the biggest, and then you have the “Universal CityWalk” which is where we got before entering the park with lots of restaurants, pubs and shops.

Ok returning to the park, after the Rip Ride rollercoaster I went for another one which was the “Revenge of the Mummy” and I found this one very very interesting because there was a lot of fire and the whole design of the ride was really well done. So I kept going on the rest of the rides until I went to The Wizard World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and that was when some of my memories as a child came back. Since I was a kid I used to watch all the Harry Potter moves and coming here to see up close all the places of the movie was just incredible.

In Diagon Alley is where you can buy a wand and walk around the place with a map that it’s provided and do magic in certain places(this is a big attraction). Ok so now was time to go to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, so we took the Hogwarts Express train to go there and the ride inside the train is an attraction itself and very well made.

The train takes us to the Harry Potter World – Hogsmeade where you can have food, butter beer, pumpkin juice and may other things. This place was as well very close to another rollercoaster which I made sure I didn’t miss. So the whole day long was me trying all the rides in this park and making videos of the park, I was a bit upset cause they do not allow any type of camera in the rides, they even have metal detectors for anyone that tries to sneak in something. So sorry in advance guys I will be able to show you the whole park but not the time while I was inside the rides, but don’t worry I have a loooot of footage for you.

Don’t forget guys the video is coming in the next 2 days, as soon as I get to Dubai I will apload it. Share my travels with your friends and tell them all about it, I hope you have enjoyed everything that I have been posting cause this is for you guys. I will leave you with some more post HRE I took along the way.

Next trip will be Amsterdam ✈️


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