Hello to you travelers, today as you know we came to London, but this time I wanted to do something different than the usual sightseeing stuff. I didn’t want to go to the very famous places like the London Bridge, London Eye or the Big Ben, so I went to give deferent places and I’m gonna walk you all now through them.

Started leaving the hotel and getting a express train from Heathrow to Paddington station.

After reaching Paddington station I used the metro to go to a place called Covent Garden which happens to have a metro station there with the same name, ok. So Covent Garden was a place with lots of shops and restaurants and full of people, looks like it was a place where people go specifically for shopping. Some people like me was there only to take pictures as the place was very beautiful. Happens that when I got inside I only made videos and I forgot to take picture with my phone so I can send them here, but you will see on the video.

After the Covent Garden was time to go to a museum, something I never showed to you guy here in the blog or even in the YouTube channel. This museum was The British Museum. People here spend around four hours inside the building and I guess it’s probably to be able to see everything in the museum, so imagine how big it is. It has objects that are from between 9000 years BC and 1000 years BC, can you imagine how old that is… It is a very very interesting museum, shame that I didn’t have time to see it all.

Now after the Museum was time to go to somewhere I haven’t been in a very long time, to a library. This library was not an ordinary one it was The British Library where there was thousands and thousand of books but most fascinating thing was that they had some artifacts from famous poets in the world to show to the public, but inside the room they show the objects it’s not allow to take any pictures.
So I continued my journey with two more places to go… Regents Park was my second last place to visit and it was really and amazing place, I was even feeding squirrels. There was people running, children playing around and apart of the cold weather there was people playing football and other sports which I found fascinating. Inside the park there is a place called Queen Mary’s Garden where is supposed to have beautiful flowers and a lot of color, but I guess I was not there in the right season of the year, no flowers at all for me…

OK, OK, last place before I left! It was Camden Town. I was advised to go there by a friend of mine that I’m met on the flight coming here, and she told me it was a place where people dress different from the majority and in that place predominates tattoo shops, piercing shops and things from that kind. It more like a punk/rock style, I can’t explain it well it’s just my own words, I don’t want to offend anybody. But indeed it was a really nice place I didn’t see many people dressed like that because mainly the people that was there was tourists just visiting and the people that probably are from there they are just a few so I didn’t manage to see many of them. But it wa a great experience.

So I hope you guys have enjoyed this trip, the places that I have visited I reconnect all of them for you. But if you have time please take your time and check properly those places cause they have a lot to offer. I was kind of in a rush so I couldn’t see everything in one day.

Choosing place like this to see instead of the main attractions of the city that everybody talks about it was great and made me feel like I should go like this in every video, to go a bit more in depth in the city. Apart of that I hope you are enjoying my posts, and you you have any suggestions please feel free to bring them to me. Next trip will be Orlando in the US and a lot of adrenaline will come up in our bodies! See you there travelers.


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