Hello to you travelers, once again we are in Dhaka Bangladesh but this time was different than last time.

As you know I have a YouTube channel besides this blog called CitiesOfTheWorld and I have one of my followers there that happened to be from Dhaka, and guess what! He was there! So I manage to meet him a couple hours after I arrived and he took me to see a bit of the city.

So my trip was like this: I landed, got to the hotel in about 10 minutes. The hotel I have to tell you guys it was a very nice one. So after I got to the hotel as I met a Portuguese friend onboard we meet at the pool for a swim thinking that we would stay in the hotel for the 24 hours, we managed to swim for a bit and get some tan.

And as you guys can see in the pictures the infinity pool was beautiful! But now let me share with you guys something I felt straight away when I saw this pool.

As soon I got to this terrace I was amazed how beautiful the landscape was, just to realize a couple seconds later that where I was it was kind of an oasis in the middle of the desert, a city where poverty dominates the majority and here I was in a 5 star hotel.

Soon I received a message that my friend Yeasan from Dhaka has arrived in the hotel to get me so soon I got dressed and I went down to meet him, he was a happy guy around the same age as me. We got an Uber and went to the city.

GUYS AND GIRLS! What I did, I do not advise anybody to do specially in a city like this. Be careful when meeting people for the first time specially people that are completely strangers, and in a city where you have nobody around you and nobody to help you, try always to go out in groups and if you’re a girl try to go with a guy. Not that girls are weak and defenseless but when you walk around with a guy and someone things about hurting you, they will think twice cause you’re with a man, and that might be enough for you to escape.

Continuing… We walked around a bit and went to a shopping mall where we had some food. After that we walked around a bit more and got a CNG back to the hotel. CNG is kind of the same of a TukTuk, very noisy and smelly but it was a nice experience! I could have stayed in the hotel for 24 hours but these 5 to 6 hours that I went for a walk made my day happy.

The video is coming probably tomorrow, and my next trip will be London, so I guess I’ll see you guys there! 🙂


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