This year was a year of a lot of travels, we visited a lot of places and I uploaded around 30 videos on my YouTube channel. This year 2017 let’s try and beat that record!

I am now these past few months using more the WordPress so I can tell my stories before I upload the videos, I am enjoying writing to all of you, you are not many but I like you all. And for you I will keep telling my stories.

This January we are going to start very well! First we are going to Dhaka in Bangladesh then to the United States in Orlando, lots of theme parks in there lots of fun as well, we will pass through London Twice, and if you guys have any great ideas about London let me know. We will go aswell to Amsterdam to finish the month.

It looks like a great month to me, four cities and me full of energy to check them all out!

Happy new year everybody!


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