Hello to you travelers, this was my first time in Phuket, and I am very happy to say that this was one of the best beach trips that I have done. I have only been to two islands this time, they were Khai Nok and Khai Nai.

Ok, first things first! I arrived… 😁 then I got myself changed into my swim shorts and I went to the hotel concierge to try to book for a tour to go to the Phi Phi island, but when I tried to book it, it was already ful so I had to choose another island, so I choose the Khai Nok Island.

The tour was included the shuttle from the hotel to the pier to take the fast boat, mini lunch(which I thing it wasn’t mini at all Hahahah), lifejacket and snorkeling googles and tube. All of this for a price of 1800 from local currency.

So I left the hotel, went to the pier where I ate until I couldn’t anymore, I didn’t even thought that I was going in the water after tho but continuing, so I ate then they explained us what was going to happen during the day and how long we would stay in each island.

We got the boat and took us around 15 minutes to get to the first island Khai Nai where we got of the boat into the water and the snorkeling was done. The fishe were beautiful I hope when I do the video when I get to Dubai you are able to see the same that I saw.

After the snorkeling we were taken to the other island 3 minutes far from this one called Khai Nok which was the bigger island with more things to do. As we got to the island the lieders of the group showed where we could get water and some fruits for free. First thing I saw when I got to the island was the Jetski, so I had to do it and I went for 25 min of pure adrenaline.

After the jetski I still went for some snorkeling and went to take some pictures and explore the rest of the island but that’s was it, I was done with the islands. Around 15:20 we were in the boat to get back to the pier and then to the hotel.

Ok! After all of this I needed to eat, and as a friend of mine recommended me a restaurant in the city with some food that I liked, I got the shuttle from the hotel to a place called LimeLight and the restaurant was nearby like 2 min walking. I got to the restaurant that was called One Chung and I ordered a dish that it is very famous here the Crab Curry which is made with coconut milk which I love! 😁 It was so good that I ask them to make another and pack in a freezer box so I can take away with me.

Resuming this whole trip I say that in such a short time I manage to do so much! I wasn’t expecting but the timings were right so it was perfect. People here are very kind and you called feel it by the way they treat you, they are very thankful as well. From what I have seen this place is a paradise as well but I haven’t seen all the island, but for sure I will seeΒ more next time I get here.

I will leave you guys with some pictures I took along the way, the video will be coming as soon as I reach Dubai, I have amazing videos on my GoPro.


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