Help to you travelers, this trip was amazing, I got some tan, did some water sports, had a great dinner and the people that were with me were supper happy and  willing to do anything to make our trip great.

So after I went for sun baiting I waited to do the water sports in my case was wakeboarding it got me 3 tries to make it up to the board but at the third one I made it. After that we went to another beach and we went cannoying wich we had a loooooot of fun! And finally we went to another beach where we stayed for some sun baiting and swimming, this last beach made me remember home, made me remember the beaches we have in south of Portugal in the Algarve. The water was the same color.

I really hope you guys manage to get to this place at least once, cause it’s really a paradise. I’ll leave you with some pictures and when I get to Dubai I will upload the video. My next trip will be Pukhet in Thailand so see you there…


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