Hello to you travelers, I got out of the hotel, got a 15 minutes train to the city centre, then I got metro to the old town and started walking…

Guys this is very cold in here, but… I manage to walk around and collect some nice videos to edit for you guys when I get to Dubai. I stopped now at Starbucks to get a hot chocolate and eat something quick and I’m heading back to the hotel, giving this trip for finished.

Düsseldorf is a nice city like many other European cities but I don’t know if it was me or this cold weather that I didn’t have for such a long time but I didn’t felt this trip as good as the latest ones I have done. But… its is always worth it to come and see new places, different people and experience new things.

Here I’ll leave you some picture I took and when I get to Dubai if I have time I will edit the video and upload it straight away cause the day after I land in Dubai I’m going straight to London.

So… I guess I see you travelers in London! If you have anything that you find really nice to do in London apart from the sight seeing and the major touristic places I should see let me know and I’ll probably do it. See you 😉


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