Hello to you travelers again, so as told we went to see the Lombard street, it was funny cause the cars were going zigzag down the road 😂 never seen something like that before… just look at the picture below!

So after seeing this street we rented some bikes to go see the Golden Gate Bridge while it was still day time, the thing is half the way there it started raining and started to get dark.

Well… we got there! But it was already night time like completely black and raining like hell! It sounds bad but in the end it was funny… we were completely wet, like we got off a pool dressed 😁

Finally we manage to get to deliver the bikes back to the shop, and now I am sitting inside Starbucks writing and sharing this with you.

It was an amazing trip, since the beginning until now, it was something that if we thought it would be like this we wouldn’t do it but we are glad we did it, cause it something we will never forget! The craziest moments are the ones you will never forget! Don’t let stuff to do tomorrow or to do it next time, enjoy every moment the best you can, cause you never know what can happen. Thank you all for reading, I hope you have enjoyed, and the video will be coming soon, I just need to get to Dubai and start editing. See you all back in Dubai 😁


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