Hello to you travelers, finally I’m back in Dubai to have 4 days off now. But this whole trip was something I will never forget.

We started in Cebu, where I went to see and swim with whale sharks, then we headed to Clark. As I landed in Clark I took a shower put my clothes on and went to have dinner and party in an area called “Walking Street”, I guessed this place was very famous so I went with the rest of the crew. We got there a suddenly we start seeing all kind of different people (but wait a second!!! I mean… REALLY! We saw everything you can imagine!!), and will all kind of costumes, it’s was weird and funny at the same time but we got to the restaurant and we started eating.

After we ate we went to a place called High Society which was one of the places that was looking better in that street. We got in and first thing we realized was that most of the people in average 1,50m high(with all due respect) but we found it funny and that the place had a good vibe. We got some drinks and we party hard until late.

After party we went have breakfast in a place near the club and we went back to the hotel, getting in the hotel some of us including me we spend some money in the casino and with no luck we went back to sleep.

I got to my room around 6:40 with wich I slept until 17:30 wich was the time I had to wake up to get my flight back to Dubai. So in the end I didn’t saw the city of Clark during the day wich I will do the next time I get there.

I really hope you have enjoyed following my trip to Cebu and Clark in the Philipines, I will edit the video about this trip and I will upload it in the next couple of days where you will be able to see me swimming with the sharks and more about the night I had.

See you in my next trip wich I will be flying from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur and then to Melbourne. Let me know if there is anything very special that you have done and you recommend me to do. 😁


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