Hello to you travelers, just finished the swim with the sharks. At first glance I was a bit afraid of getting in the water, but as soon as I got in I felt good and with no fear but always knowing that “cmon that’s a freaking shark!!!”

Sharks were huge! But like… Daaaamn Huge! Probably 4 or 5 times my size, if they want they could swallow me in a blink of an eye. The people that are taking care of them are always feeding them and they explained to us how to behave next to them, and when we saw that they were swimming very slow and were not that dangerous we felt more comfortable.

The picture coming next was taken from a Β video of my GoPro, it was a scary part when we were not loking to the water and suddenly we have a huge shark on our feet! We let him pass and all went well!

It was an amazing morning, huge bus ride to swim with the sharks and now I’m back in the bus going to the hotel to get myself ready for my flight to Clark.

Still have like 3 hour more before reaching the hotel but the experience was worth it. See you in Clark 😁


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