Hello to you travelers, just got to the hotel now, my trip here in. Madrid is a city with lots of things to see but my personal opinion it’s not a city that I wish I would come back, if I’ll do I’ll have a good time here but I will not make plans on coming again…

The food here is very good as in the rest of Spain. They have a delicious variety of dishes that you can eat and you will never forget the taste!

For the football fans I did the tour on the Santiago de Bernabeu Stadium which is the Real Madrid stadium and the tour was really nice, they show you the history of the team, interesting facts, the museum, they even show you the lockers where the players change before going to play.

It’s a very nice tour, but one thing that I have to share aswell. The stadium looking from the outside doesn’t look that amazing as many other statiums, and from the inside the view where you are sited to watch the game it’s not bad, I say that cause I have seen some other statiums and I can compare to them. Estádio da Luz is the stadium of Benfica, it’s a Portuguese team and that stadium is one of the best I have seen. Here are some pictures of the Real Madrid stadium.


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