So I was supose to go back to Dubai, but probably have seen on the news what happen in Dubai International Airport, an airplane crash landed leaving the airport in a total mess.

Thank god everybody was out of the aircraft alive thanks to those brave and well trained Emirates crew.

So my flight to Dubai got delayed for 12 hours, and what to do here in New York? I can’t go out partying cause I can’t drink, so I thought it was good to do something I never did before, so I went to a stand up comedy show.

Got out of the hotel and had some food on the street, got a cab to 239 3rd Avenue, and went to a place called The Stand, wich is a restaurant and comedy club, and guys… I almost got down to the floor of laughing! It was crazy the way they were making the jokes, and I had an amazing time in there!! If you come here to New York take the time and go to a stand up comedy show, it will be worth it!


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